On this day

On the day that US suspects admit Russian names
The lilies open at last to show their yellow tongues.
On that day when Spaceship fails to dock
A cloud appears and disappears over the city.
On the day that South African court drops Paris Hilton charges
A swarm of mosquitoes hovers around a branch of pinecones.
On the day of the Dolphin superpod seen off Skye
A single duck bobs in our river.
This is the day that Snake bursts after gobbling gator
And an old dog leaks as he is led along Chestnut on a leash.
On this day it says Celebrity burglary five charged
And the smallest roses smell most sweet.
On the day Puppy thrown at German biker gang
A teenage girl sends a postcard to God
Asking why grownups are absurd.
On the day Boy killed in school stab attack
A small black t-shirt is left unfolded in the alley
As if to demonstrate that it is free.

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