Fine art

Monster #79 (2016)

Outside of my sign-painting business, I am also a fine artist and illustrator. I enjoy working in oils, watercolors, ink, and natural materials collected while hiking in the woods.

My art has been exhibited at the Zootown Arts Community Center, Le Petit Outre, the University Center at the University of Montana, and other venues. It has also been published in the third annual Missoula Independent Comix Issue. Most recently, I had the privilege of participating in the Missoula Monster Project, a fundraiser for SPARK!/Any Given Child.

Please enjoy these online galleries of my works. I’m currently open to new projects and commissions. To inquire or ask a question, please contact me via the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you!


kestrel for john   Watercolors                        zacc-show-3   Fine art & gallery shows                          Illustration                         quilt-greeting-card.resized   Greeting cards

cafe-campesino-shirt-front   Graphic design                  ice-fishing-stools.resized   Everything else! 


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  1. Ann your art work is beautiful, yummy feed your soul kind of stuff! How are you not famous?! I am going to need your autograph…

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