Crazy like that

We just couldn’t take it. Despite being at J’s family home, with his wonderful parents, for his birthday and Easter, despite not having a care in the world, we were beside ourselves. We couldn’t stand being away from the AT, especially as it seems the winter weather has broken (knock on wood). We spent time at some churches, slept and ate and did errands, healed our skins. J installed a skylight with his dad, put in some flooring with our friend John. I painted vines of purple clematis on a little girl’s bedroom wall. We reminded ourselves how ridiculous it was to feel low when nobody was hurt, nobody was sick, nobody was broke, nobody was even the slightest bit uncomfortable… but we couldn’t shake the trail blues.

So we’re back on. Gonna do three days of hiking before the family wedding. Gonna sleep in the woods tonight. Happy at last. Because we’re crazy like that.

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