Final approach

Just a few more days and miles to go, and I am both getting pre-nostalgic (when you miss something before it’s over) and extremely excited to hug J after nearly a month apart…  Here are a few from the photo roll. Much more (or shall I say, much Muir) later!

Looking up at the next pass
And down from the top, 1000 feet later
This boulder eats gear
Muir Pass Hut at 11,980 feet

7 Replies to “Final approach”

  1. Hi, my dear, Ann!!!! I’m so excited to see you (if only in pix). You are looking good and healthily radiant! Like you, I am without internet most of the time but I came home last night and have service for a day. Jim and I love you and are praying for you every step of the way. That J of yours is missing you too. He was excited to get a postcard from you, as were we. Keep on trekking.

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