Holiday windows

garlandsMy holiday window art is a festive way to add sparkle and interest to your business or home. From elegant borders to custom designs, let holiday windows spice up your next sale or celebration.

Prices start at $60 for decorative borders such as snowflakes, holly, jingle bells, or ribbons. For custom designs or extra-large areas, I’ll make you a complimentary quote and sketch – or tell me your budget, and I’ll let you know what I can do. Contact me below, and let’s beautify your space!

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I am a member of Missoula’s WeTrade network, so barter may be an option.

Cajun wreath for Café Zydeco
Wreath with okra and lobsters for Café Zydeco
Autumn windows for Sora & Company
Elegant autumn borders for Sora & Company

At Break EspressoA hot Thanksgiving pie at Break Espresso

Edible Arrangements
Valentine’s Day at Edible Arrangements
Warm candles at Ryan's Buffet
Glowing Christmas candles at Ryan’s Buffet