Share Your Joyride

Fat Tire Ale is giving away bicycles to people who submit the best stories, videos or photos of their experiences with Fat Tire Ale. The contest is called “Share Your Joyride.”

I have an exceptionally unforgettable story about Fat Tire Ale, despite my being a non-drinker. But I’m not going to win that bike. You will see why. Names have been omitted to protect the guilty. And FYI, this is a wholly non-Sideways-Gaze-style post. Anyway, here’s my story:

Couple years ago, I was at a summer barbeque at my brother-in-law’s place. Friends, family, lots of good eats and drinks. After making a stop in the bathroom, I noticed a Fat Tire Ale bottle in the trash. Geez, I thought, that’s recyclable. I fished it out and headed downstairs to pitch it in the bin.

En route, I thought, Hm. I’ve heard Fat Tire Ale is really good. Wonder how it smells? I sniffed the bottle. GOOD GOD. What are people thinking? This beer smells like shit. I threw it contemptuously in the recycling and went on with my evening.

Only the next day did I learn that ________ had taken such a massive dump that night that he required the use of an empty beer bottle to get the giant load down the john.

I am not making this up.

I’m sure your ale smells just fine under normal circumstances.

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  1. OMG! That is so gross! Funny…but gross. I think you should win that bike.
    Hmm, and to think I “used” to like that beer.

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