Do snakes get blisters on their bellies when they slide over rough ground?

Do birds feel the cold? They seem so cheerful even in the snow, even with hollow bones and skinny legs.

Do deer ever feel soaked in the rain? Or do they always feel just like deer, whether they are wet or dry?

And… when two hikers reach the Pine Grove Furnace General Store, home of the Half Gallon Challenge, wherein to celebrate their completion of half the trail, each attempts to eat half a gallon of ice cream, would it be better for them to end up: a) triumphant and sick after eating the entire half gallon, or b) dejected and sick after eating not quite all of the half gallon?

I only know the answer to one of these questions. You can guess which. The answer is: neither. It would be best to arrive at the store too early in the season for the ice cream store to be open. This way, nobody can say the two hikers couldn’t do it… but they won’t have to try.

Zippy was bummed, but I was secretly relieved. Competitive eating is not my thing, and though I am temporarily vegetarian (instead of my usual vegan), it seemed like overkill to consume that much moo juice. So instead, we hiked some more, watched the bumblebees mating, and thought up some as yet unanswered questions.