To Do

  • Eject Woodvole, roommate ordinaire, loathesome drag to entrepreneurial spirit
  • Get Chaz to paint shingle to hang from 2nd story window—crimson and gold; yellow if Chaz too stingy to use gold
  • Butter toasts for parakeet
  • Google how to start escort service
  • Google is it illegal to hang sign advertising escort service
  • Print gift certificate for 3 hrs. free to pay off Chaz, little worm
  • Call Staples: still offering 50 free biz cards? If affirmative: Madame Bistique, Madam, address, phone #, image of slipper? heart? sultry parakeet?
  • Mend 3rd best kimono
  • Find appropriate drape for parakeet cage, otherwise perhaps small gag?
  • Pray for clients, mattress, self
  • Dinner—KFC? PBJ if no more cash. Raisins if no more J.
  • Practice sashay
  • Beauty rest, if stupid parakeet ever shuts up

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