Trail Journals

Aside from being a sign painter and window artist, I live in Montana because I love to hike! And I love to write about it. Folks seem to enjoy vicariously traveling along with me (and my hiking companion, the steadfast Zippy Morocco), so here are some journals from past sojourns, for your reading pleasure.

Appalachian Trail journal: Zippy and I thru-hike the historic 2185-mile footpath from Georgia to Maine in 2013. This journal includes cartoons sketched along the way.

John Muir Trail journal: My first solo hike, from Yosemite National Park to Mount Whitney, California, in 2015. Mostly writing… a few cartoons as well.

wpid-IMG_19991231_190256.jpgContinental Divide Trail journal: This 2800-mile journey is mostly Zippy’s adventure, but I join him for the last 230 miles.