ann karp

I am an experienced artist, editor and writer, and Sideways Gaze is my online gallery. As a freelancer, I’m organized, easy to work with, and interested in enriching people’s lives.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, I caught the travel bug early and have since lived and created in two dozen states and three countries. Odd, seemingly minor details catch my eye and inspire my work: their sparks illuminate the most powerful parts of living and dying on this strange planet.
painting workshop

Please explore these samples of my artwork, sign painting, and writing, and contact me if you would like access to more samples. I am available for new projects. For a good cause, we can discuss barter and/or sliding scale pricing. I’m based in Missoula, Montana, but am open to projects involving travel.

on mt katahdin

Thank you!

sideways gaze: that which indirectly illuminates its object by exploring and embracing edges, corners, castaways, and not-so-meaningless details.